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We plant trees where they’re needed the most

Our trees benefit villagers, the environment and local economies.

See our reforestation partner.

Reforestation can be

fun and easy

Just authorize your iPhone Health Data,

start walking and running, and we will

plant trees. 

How it works

1: Must authorize your iPhone Health Data. If not, we cannot calculate your steps to plant trees.

2: Left bubble shows the amount of energy you gained from your steps.

3: At 12 am, your energy is converted to Reocoins, which shows in the right bubble.

4: All of Reocoins will show in the Sun icon once collected. Water your plant and get 10 points by tapping the right horizontal bar.

5: When you have enough energy, you can plant a tree in Forest.

Important Note:

Energy: earned by walking and running. 12,000g of energy equals one tree planted. 

Reocoins = converted from energy earned by walking and running. Start collecting Reocoins at 12 am every day. Can be used to exchange for rewards (Coming soon).