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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reo2 work?

Reo2 works by tracking and verifying your walking steps using data from your phone’s Health System.  Roughly 1 mile of walking will give you 400g of energy, which is the amount of CO2 you reduced.  Your energy then gets converted into our currency – Reocoin, using our algorithms. The more energy you gain, the more Reocoins you earn.


1 mile = 400 gram of reduced CO2

30 miles = 1 tree planted


If you walk 2 miles per day on average, you can plant one tree in every 2 weeks.

We created Reo2 with the desire to help people reduce their Carbon Footprint and stay motivated to do great for the environment. We are a small passionate team and want to deliver you all the best product possible but understand that there are still some things that can be improved. We'll get there soon!

What are the blue bubbles at the bottom of the tree?

The blue bubble on the bottom-most left indicates your current CO2 reduction in grams. The more you walk or run, the more energy you gain. 1 mile of walking/running gives you 400g of energy.

The blue bubble on the bottom right corner indicates the Reocoins you earned so far. For your current days, CO2 reduction, you will gain Reocoins, that can be collected the next day by tapping on the bubble. The more CO2 you reduce, the more Reocoins you can earn.

What is the blue bar at the bottom right corner of the app?

The blue bar at the bottom is the watering button. If you water the plant, once per day, you instantly gain 10 Reocoins.

What is the difference between Total Energy in Forest section and Reocoins?

The total energy indicates the total grams of CO2 you have reduced so far by using the app. You can use that total energy to plant trees in real life! Currently, you need to reach 30 miles to plant 1 tree, which equals to 2 weeks on walking/running on average. We have partnered with a tree planting agency to plant a tree on your behalf!

Reocoins is the reward you gain for reducing CO2 emissions by walking/running.

This way, by using our app you not only plant trees but also get rewards for planting them !!

How does Reo2 protect my privacy?

We take great care to protect the privacy of all our users, and no user data is ever shared or sold to third parties.

Learn more about this in our privacy policy.

Do I need to have mobile data enabled for the app to work?

No, Reo2 can function without mobile data, as it calculates your carbon footprint from your Health Data. The app continues to work in the background tracking steps. Please never turn off your Health Data. However you cannot collect Reocoins without internet access. It is advisable to keep the internet on while using the app for the best user experience.

Can I use wearables like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin or Android Wear with Reo2?

Currently, Reocoin only tracks your steps on iPhone or on Apple Watch. However, if your smartwatch data is stored in Apple’s  Health app, you can earn Reocoins.

How can I change my username, email address, my profile picture or my profile text?

At the moment, we only allow you to change your profile picture.

What if I uninstall the app and then reinstall it later? Will I lose my Reocoins?

If you uninstall the app (but don't initiate a delete account request via the app), you will be able to reinstall it at a later date and access your old account, with all the Energy and Reocoins.